The company's development plan for MediaDom is the expansion to the federal level. This will allow each investor to receive a www.exness-trade.my/backtesting-and-optimizing-cfd-trading-strategies-for-forex constant profit from the Fobscoin project up to 1300% for each purchased FOBS token.


This project is devoted to implementation of Russia’s first Federal United Wireless Network (FOBS). It will embrace advanced wireless technologies one of which is AirMax. AirMax is a wireless data transmission protocol developed by the “Ubiquiti Networks” as the world leader in wireless technologies and is developing wireless technologies at Apple.

“Fobscoin” is one of the projects developed by company MediaDom, Company “MediaDom” exists in the market for providing high-speed Internet in Russia for 4 years. The company is the biggest partner of the largest telecom operator in Russia – MegaFon. Our company generally covers more than 30,000 households and earns annual revenue of more than 40 million rubles.

When the goals of the Fobscoin project reach the subscriber base will be more than 500 000 subscribers, and the annual revenue will be more than 5 billion rubles a year and will allow each investor to receive bonuses for each purchased FOBS more than 1300%.

Pre-ICO Fobs Coin completed. Funds 183.362 ETH


Why choose us?

Current business

The acting company MediaDom created for you specifically the Fobscoin project, in which we invite each investor to take part in the further development of the company and make a profit of more than 36% per month.

Reliable Escrow

Specially for each investor we created a secure FOBS token, which is provided with capitalization and security by Escrow "CrowdHub". This company was created by the Russian Association of Crypto-Currency and Blockchain.

Partners with a worldwide reputation

Especially for you, we attracted partners with world-wide names who provide full support and support for the Fobscoin project.

High profit

We can proudly say - the Fobscoin project is the future of the Internet development in private homes in Russia and a high profit of over 1300% to each investor, with full security of the invested funds.

What can you do with FOBS?

Launch of a large-scale project.

As a result of ICO, a large-scale project is launched to expand the company and build a wireless Internet network throughout the central part of Russia! Each acquired Fobscoin derivative has a capitalization based on the amount of equipment supplied to the project by Escrow, which ensures the security of the entire project.

Increase in capitalization.

The capitalization of each purchased Fobscoin derivative is increased at each stage of the project, along with each new constructed data channel, along with each new subscriber! Each holder of the Fobscoin derivative receives dividends every month - more than 36% per month.

Summing up and entering the stock exchanges.

As a result of the ICO, holders of Fobscoin will be given a permanent opportunity to take participation in crypto-exchange exchanges where the start value of the Fobscoin derivative will be tied to its capitalization and secured by constant growth.

Token Distribution

Start ICO

1 may, 2018 (0:00 GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

6 000 000 FOBS (60%)


31 may, 2018 (23:59 GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

1 ETH = 400 FOBS

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

no limits

PRE-ICO and Bounty




The project team


Buy FOBS in 4 steps

To purchase FobsCoin, transfer the Ethereum to the purse number   

Calculate how many FOBS tokens you want to buy


Copy or scan the displayed wallet address



mobile app

Send your ETH to this address. You can send it directly from your wallet


After confirming the transaction, you will see FOBS tokens on the balance of your wallet

Our Team

Sergey Simakov
CEO of the company MediaDom
Olga Maliaeva
Commercial director of the company MediaDom
Anton Korchunov
CFO of the company MediaDom
Sergey Kharitonov
Director of IT Department of the company MediaDom
Kirill Shushunov
Director of Customer Service of the company MediaDom
Albert Safiullin
Project Manager of Fobscoin
Mikhail Gnusin
PR manager of project Fobscoin
Ksenia Skopintseva
Advertising Manager of the project Fobscoin
Stanislav Tikhomolov
Company founder Astroteam
Konstantin Tebenev
CEO of the company Astroteam
Vladimir Kayl
Chief Operating Officer of the project Fobscoin
Alexander Galimov
Leading designer of the project Fobscoin
Daria Sidorovich
Director of the HR department of the project Fobscoin
Veronika Asanova
Marketer of the project Fobscoin
Sergey Anisimov
Director of the management company of the project Fobscoin
Elena Zhavenko
Franchise manager for the Fobscoin project
Vladimir Dyakonov
Lawyer of the project Fobscoin
Alexander Vorobiev
Lawyer of the project Fobscoin
Natalia Gorbacheva
CFO of the project Fobscoin
Dmitry Goguian
Chief technical officer of the project Fobscoin

Frequently Asked Questions

Company MediaDom has been working on the market of high-speed Internet services in Russia for 4 years. MediaDom is a major partner of the largest telecom operator - Megafon!

Our goal is to develop level and size of MediaDom up to the federal one, to exceed the company's profit over 4 billion rubles a year and provide an opportunity for each investor to receive a constant profit from the Fobscoin project up to 1300% for each purchased FOBS token.

Our company already has got a subscriber database of more than 3000 subscribers, and annual revenues of more than 40 million rubles. At achievement of the purposes on investment the user's base will make more than 500 000 thousand subscribers, and the annual gain is expected as 5 billion rubles or more in a year.

To create, launch and realize the Fobscoin project we attracted the best team and partners of MediaDom. Our team has got the best specialists in the field of communications who have already helped to improve the company MediaDom to reach excellent financial indicators and have created FOBS, getting all safety and security from our project partner - CrowdHub. This was created by the Russian Association of Crypto-Currency and Blockchain " Rakib ".

We use the best modern wireless data transmission technology AirMax, which allows one to transfer high-speed Internet for a distance of more than 200 km with an Internet connection speed of more than 2 gigabits per second. The technology AirMax developed by Ubiquiti Networks. This technology, managed by the company MediaDom in Russia, has already helped thousands to get high-speed internet, we have not stopped at what we have achieved and launched the Fobscoin project. Fobscoin - technology available to everyone!

We did not focus on one income opportunity for each investor, so each investor will have a choice - to receive dividends or sell a token on the stock exchange. Capitalization of all equipment and each connected subscriber is originally put in the token.

In our country, the high-speed Internet service for private households is not developed at all. Having big houses people live there without modern technologies. And in this area, MediaDom solves the problem and is ready to provide every residential or commercial home with a high-speed Internet service. Our country needs such a project to solve numerous problems regarding private households and state enterprises, especially those that are located in the countryside and experience a lack of modern technological capabilities.

Please pay your attention to the fact that there are a few days remain until the end of the Pre-ICO and a reliable capitalized FOBS token can be purchased at a discount until May 1, 2018. For those who did not have time to buy a token at a discount, we suggest you participate in the ICO, which begins on May 1, 2018 and lasts until June 1, 2018, become a member of the Fobscoin project and earn with one of the safest and largest projects in Russia.


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